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This is the "State Higher Education Systems" page of the "Resources on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education" guide.
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Links to resources on teaching and learning in Higher Education, including journals, publications, conferences, directories, and links to other resource pages.
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State Systems A-K

Information is current as of Spring 2014 but is subject to change.



University of Alabama System

 59,200 students, 27,200 faculty/staff, 2012 budget of $3.277 billion, 3 state universities

Robert E. Witt, Chancellor


University of Alaska System

33,600 students,  7,000 employees, 3 universities and 17 university-associated community campuses, $884 million annual operating budget

System % of FY12 budget=>5%

 Patrick Gamble, President


Arizona Board of Regents

139, 300 students, 31,300 staff, 3 public universities, $3.7 billion FY11 operating budget,

Eileen I. Klein, President

System % of FY12 budget=<1%


University of Arkansas System

6 universities, 5 community colleges, and 6 other units; The system enrolls more than 60,000 students, employs over 17,000 employees, and has a total budget of over $2 billion

Donald R. Bobbitt, President

System % of FY12 budget= 9%

Arkansas Department of Higher Education

The agency manages academic program quality and viability; provides professional development for faculty and staff; provides educational support to business and industry; and promotes the importance of postsecondary education in enhancing both personal and community quality of life.


California State University System

Nation's largest 4-year public university system (no 2-year institutions).  Has 23 campuses and 8 off-campus centers.  # students = 437,000 # fac/staff employed = 44,000

Timothy P. White, Chancellor

$4,277,834,000 annual budget for 2013-14.

System % of FY12 Budget = >2%

CSU Institute for Teaching and Learning

University of California System

The UC system includes more than 233,000 students and more than 190,000 faculty and staff. 10 campuses, 5 medical centers, and 3 national laboratories. $26.14 billion annual budget.

Janet Napolitano, President

System % of FY12 Budget = >1%

Innovative Learning Technology Initiative


University of Colorado System

4 universities, 56,000 students, $3.04 billion operating budget, 3,000 full-time faculty members

Bruce D. Benson, President

System % of FY12 Budget = <4%

Office of Academic Affairs houses Office of Digital Education & Engagement

Colorado State University System

3 campuses, 44,000 students, 7,300 employees, $1.06 billion operating budget

Michael V. Martin, Chancellor

System % of FY12 Budget = <1%


Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, Board of Regents for Higher Education

17 institutions, 4 of which are 4-year institutions & 1 online institution; 91,000 students enrolled

Gregory W. Gray, President of the Board of Regents

State of Connecticut, Office of Higher Education


University of Delaware

4 campuses, 22,400 students, 1,100 full-time faculty, $851 million operating budget

Patrick Harker, President

Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education


State University System of Florida, Board of Governors

12 universities, 335,000 students, $9.75 billion operating budget 2012-2013.

Marshall Criser III, Chancellor

System % of FY12 Budget = <1% (.06%)

University of South Florida System

Serving more than 47,000 students, the USF System has an annual budget of $1.5 billion and an annual economic impact of $3.7 billion

Florida Department of Education

Pam Stewart, Commissioner of Education


University System of Georgia

31 higher education institutions including 4 research universities, 4 comprehensive universities, 10 state universities and 13 state colleges (12 are 2-4 year, one is 2-year only). The Georgia Public Library System and the Georgia Archives are also part of the University System. The University System of Georgia enrolled approximately 309,469 students for the Fall of 2013. The University System employs 45,432 faculty and staff. $6.867 billion operating budget for FY2013.

Hank M. Huckaby, Chancellor

System % of FY12 Budget =.07% (<1%)


The University of Hawai’i System

3 universities and 7 two-year community colleges; total enrollment: 60,330; faculty FTE: 6,556. $904 million operating budget in 2011-2012.

David Lassner, current System President; search for new president currently underway

System % of FY12 Budget = <4%


Idaho State Board of Education

4 4-year colleges/universities & 4 community colleges; enrollment data represented in credit hours

Don Soltman, President, ISBE


University of Illinois System

3 university campuses, 77,500 students, 17,000 staff, $5.42 billion operating budget

Robert A. Easter, President

System % of FY12 Budget =4%

Southern Illinois University

Number of Schools in System: 2

Number of Students in System: 35,000

Two institutions with 5 locations. $660 million budget.

Dr. Glenn Poshard, President

System % of FY12 Budget = <1%


Indiana University System

8 campuses. $2.1 billion annual budget. 110,436 students, 17,800 faculty/staff.

Michael A. McRobbie, President

New Directions in Teaching and Learning Initiative


Board of Regents, State of Iowa

3 public universities and two special primary/secondary schools, 73,950 students, 47,000 employees, $2.35 billion operating expenses

Bruce Rastetter, President


Kansas Board of Regents

Coordinating board for the state’s 32 public higher education institutions (seven public universities, nineteen community colleges, and six technical colleges). $2.259 billion operating budget for 2011. 212,000 total Fall 2013 enrollment.

Andy Tompkins, President & CEO



State Systems L-P


Louisiana State University System

7 institutions (lack of aggregated system data on website, only available by institution). $2.488 billion expenditures in 2013-2014. 43,900 enrollment in 2012.

Dr. F. King Alexander, President

System % of FY12 Budget =<2%

University of Louisiana System

8 four-year institutions, 90,000 students, 9,500 faculty and staff, $762 million operating budget

Dr. Sandra Woodley, President

System % of FY12 Budget =<1%

Southern University System

Number of Schools in System: 3

Number of Students in System: 15,000

Three universities at five locations.

Dr. Ronald Mason, President

System % of FY12 Budget = <3%


University of Maine System

7 universities and 1 law school, 29,000 students enrolled, 5,700 employees, $672 million operating budget

James H. Page, Chancellor

System % of FY12 Budget =<2%


University of Maryland System

12 institutions, 2 regional higher education systems, and a system office.

143,000 students (excluding international students enrolled through UMUC), 34,862 faculty/staff, $4.99 billion budget FY2014.

William E. Kirwan, Chancellor.


University of Massachusetts System

6 institutions (4 universities, 1 medical center, 1 online institution), 71,000 students, 17,500 employees, $2.628 billion operating budget in 2010.

Robert L. Caret, President


University of Michigan System

3 campuses, $6.299 operating budget, 60,800 students, 44,000 full-time employees

Mary Sue Coleman, President

Center for Research on Learning & Teaching at flagship campus @Ann Arbor

System-wide Third Century Initiative to create innovative learning experiences for students


Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

The MnSCU system has 31 institutions with 54 campuses conveniently located in 47 Minnesota communities that serve more than 430,000 students. 7 are 4-year colleges/universities and 24 are 2-year community, technical, or tribal colleges. 15,500 FTE employees, of which 59% are faculty (9,145). $2,948,366,000 budget in 2012.

Steven J. Rosenstone, Chancellor

System % of FY12 Budget = 5% (2.2% in 2014-15)

Teaching Resource Center (in Office of Faculty Development, Academic Affairs)


Commissioner of Higher Education, Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning

4 research institutions and 4 regional 4-year institutions, 81,000 students, 26,200 faculty/staff, $3,753,400,000 operating budget,

System % of FY12 Budget=>2%

Hank M. Bounds, Commissioner


University of Missouri System

4 research institutions, 75,300 students, 24,000 faculty/staff, $2.66 billion FY12 operating budget

Timothy M. Wolfe, UM System President

System % of FY12 Budget = <3%


Montana University System

The sixteen universities and colleges of the Montana University System (MUS) collectively enroll over 47,000 students. 13 are 4-year colleges/universities and 3 are 2-year community colleges. There are 7,000 FT/PT faculty & staff. $1.281 billion 2011 operating budget.

Clayton Christian, Commissioner

System % of FY12 Budget = 11%


Nebraska State College System

Number of Schools in System: 3

Number of Students in System: 9,000

Mr. Stanley Carpenter, Chancellor

Has Teaching Excellence Program

University of Nebraska System

Number of Schools in System: 4

Number of Students in System: 50,000

$2.279 billion operating budget (FY2012-13), 12,600 faculty/staff (Fall 2011)

System % of FY12 Budget = <2%

Mr. James B. (J.B.) Milliken, President

Programs of Excellence Initiative


Nevada System of Higher Education

Number of Schools in System: 7

Number of Students in System: 103,000 (2012)

Number of faculty/staff: 14,000 (2011)

$725,800,000 operating budget in 2011-2012.

Mr. Daniel Klaich, Chancellor

System % of FY12 Budget = >3%

NSHE E-Learning Task Force


University System of New Hampshire

Number of Schools in System: 4

Number of Students in System: 31,000

6100 FT/PT employees (2010)

$91.9 million operating budget

Dr. Todd Leach, Interim Chancellor

System % of FY12 Budget = <2%


SUNY (State University of New York)

Nancy L. Zimpher, Chancellor

Enrollment of 462,000 students. Over 90,000 employees. FY2011-12 $12.2 billion total budget. 64 campuses, of which 37 are community or technical colleges and the rest are 4-year colleges or doctoral institutions.

System % of FY12 Budget = >1%

City University of New York (CUNY)

Number of Schools in System: 17

Number of Students in System: 148,000

$2.825 billion operating budget

The University includes eleven senior colleges, seven community colleges, The Macaulay Honors College and five graduate and professional schools, located throughout the city’s five boroughs.

Dr. William P. Kelly, Interim Chancellor

System % of FY12 Budget = 2.5%

Course redesign strategies developed by NCAT


The University of North Carolina System

200,000 students enrolled; 17 4-year/doctoral institutions; 13,000 FT and 3500 PT. $2.5 billion annual operating budget.

System % of FY12 Budget =<.5%

Teaching and Learning with Technology Board


North Dakota University System

Number of Schools in System: 11

Number of Students in System: 48,000

Number of employees: 17,500

$1.034 billion operating budget

Two research universities, four regional universities and five community colleges.

Larry C. Skogen, Interim Chancellor


Oregon University System

Number of Schools in System: 7

Number of Students in System: 101,000

3,000 faculty members

$668.3 million biennial budget (2011-13)

Seven public universities and one branch campus.

Dr. Melody Rose, Interim Chancellor

System % of FY12 Budget = <1%


Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education

Number of Schools in System: 14

Number of Students in System: 112,000

Annual operating budget: $1.612 billion

Mr. Frank T. Brogan, Chancellor

System % of FY12 Budget = <2%


State Systems Q-Z


Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education

Number of Schools in System: 6

Number of Students in System: 43,250 (2011)

Three four-year, and three two-year public institutions

Mr. Raymond M. DiPasquale, Commissioner


South Carolina Commission of Higher Education

208,000 enrollment, public institutions (Fall 2011)

Richard C. Sutton, Executive Director


South Dakota Board of Regents

Number of Schools in System: 10 (6 four-year institutions & 4 technical institutes) & 3 university centers

Number of Students in System: 25,500; 1500 faculty members @ 6 universities; $805 million FY2013 operating budget

Dr. Jack Warner, Executive Director and CEO, South Dakota Board of Regents


Tennessee Board of Regents

As one of the largest systems of public higher education in the nation, the TBR is uniquely charged with educating and training the workforce and future leaders of our state and nation. Some 46 campuses, more than 200,000 students, and 15,500 full-time employees comprise the TBR. $2.2 billion annual budget.

John Morgan, Chancellor

System % of FY12 Budget = <2%

University of Tennessee System

Number of Schools in System: 4

Number of Students in System: 49,500

Number of Faculty: 5,600

$1.826 billion operating budget

Dr. Joe DiPietro, President


The University of Texas System

The University of Texas System is one of the nation’s largest systems of higher education, with nine academic institutions and six health institutions that educate more than 216,000 students and employ 87,000 faculty and staff. FY2013 budget of $13.9 billion.

Francisco G. Cigarroa, Chancellor (recently announced he is stepping down to return to medicine full-time)

System % of FY12 Budget = 6.5%

Institute for Transformational Learning

Texas A & M University System

Statewide network of 11 universities, seven state agencies, two service units and a comprehensive health science center. 131,000 students, 28,000 faculty/staff. $3.3 billion 2012 operating budget.

Dr. John Sharp, Chancellor

Texas State University System

Number of Schools in System: 8

Number of Students in System: 76,000

$659.5 million appropriation for 2013-15 biennium

Dr. Brian McCall, Chancellor

System % of FY12 Budget = <1%

Texas Tech University System

Number of Schools in System: 4

Number of Students in System: 44,250

Operating budget: $1.7 billion

Mr. Kent Hance, Chancellor

System % of FY12 Budget = >1%

University of Houston System

Number of Schools in System: 4

Number of Students in System: 66,000

$1.3 billion annual budget

Four universities, five off-campus centers, and one medical center

Dr. Renu Khator, Chancellor

System % of FY12 Budget = >1%

University of North Texas System

Number of Schools in System: 3

Number of Students in System: 37,000

Number of employees: 10,300

Mr. Lee F. Jackson, Chancellor

$1.132 billion operating budget FY2012-13

System % of FY12 Budget = <4%


Utah System of Higher Education

8 colleges & universities, 2 research universities, 1 liberal arts & sciences university, 3 regional universities, and 2 community colleges.

122,700 students enrolled in 2011-2012; 34,100 faculty and staff.

David L. Buhler, Chief Executive Officer of USHE, Commissioner of Higher Education

System % of FY12 Budget = 2.1%


Vermont State Colleges

4 state colleges and network of 12 community colleges, 12,900 students, 2,300 employees, $185 million operating budget

Mr. Timothy J. Donovan, Chancellor


West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

Number of Schools in System: 13

Number of Students in System: 69,000

Number of Faculty/Staff: 15,000

Dr. Paul Hill, Chancellor


University of Wisconsin System

Serves approximately 181,000 students each year and employs more than 39,000 faculty and staff statewide. Annual budget of $6 billion. 13 four-year universities, 13 2-year UW Colleges campuses, and statewide UW-Extension.

Ray Cross, President

System % of FY12 Budget = <1%

Office of Professional and Instructional Development


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