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Autism: A Parent's Resource Guide
by Kendra Hurt, Jordan Lee, Jennifer Marien - Last Updated Dec 8, 2013
A resource guide for parents of children with autism to help locate information and sources of support.
e-Readers Made Easy
by Erin Antognoli, Kerry Huller, Charles Murray Sutherland, Joshua Allan Westgard - Last Updated Dec 4, 2013
This brief introduction to e-readers and e-books provides basic instruction on the most common hardware devices and e-book formats, and how to borrow and load library e-books onto your device. It assumes no prior knowledge of the technology.
Nazi Euthanasia Program: Action T4
by Elissa Paige Anderson, Christopher Laine Carter, Richard L Green - Last Updated May 7, 2014
Our aim is to create a LibGuide directing researchers of all levels and interests to reliable, useful resources regarding Action T4 and the Nazi persecution of the handicapped.
Patent Law Research Guide
by Alana Bevan - Last Updated Jul 3, 2013
This guide, intended for the novice legal researcher, law student, or law librarian, provides suggested resources for finding cases, statutes, regulations, and historical documents related to patent law.
Paws to Consider: Shelters and Resources for Pet Lovers in the Capital Region
by Rebeccah Laing Baker, Jaime Renee Mears, Elizabeth MacKenzie Tobey, Julia Wheeler - Last Updated Nov 30, 2015
Paws to Consider is an online LibGuide and print resource for those in the Capital Region wishing to adopt a cat or dog as well as current pet owners.
Resources for History PhD Students Writing Dissertations
by Madeleine Allen, Allison Renee Gunn, Faith Rusk - Last Updated May 6, 2014
A Guide To Twentieth Century U.S. Historical Research for Graduate Students
Resources on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
by MJ Bishop, Lynn Harbinson, Elizabeth MacKenzie Tobey - Last Updated Jul 25, 2014
Links to resources on teaching and learning in Higher Education, including journals, publications, conferences, directories, and links to other resource pages.
Scholarships and Resources for First-Generation College Students
by Andy Cleavenger, Luz Flores, Grace Goff, Julianna Hieb, Taira Sullivan - Last Updated Jul 15, 2016
A collection of scholarships as well as academic counseling and other support groups dedicated to assisting first-generation college students in Maryland get into and excel in post-secondary education, including community colleges and four year colleges.
Twentieth Century U.S. History Research Paper
by Sereena Hamm - Last Updated May 5, 2013
A guide created for 8th grade students at St. Stephen's and St. Agnes Middle School to support research into twentieth century U.S. History.
Voting 101
by Emily Maxine Dowd, Jason Happ, Rebecca Downey Reeves, Andrea Thomas - Last Updated Dec 4, 2013
If you're 16-19 years old and getting ready to vote in your first election, then this guide is for you. Learn how to register, where to find unbiased information about candidates and issues and, most importantly, how to exercise your right to vote!

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